The JACE8000 has 2x ethernet connectors can I use these a switch or daisy chain configuration?


The 2x ethernet connectors on the JACE8000 are standalone network connectors. They have to be assigned to two different subnet ranges, additionally these ports cannot be bridged.

The JACE8000 does not support a daisy chain topolgy. The EDGE10 controller does support a daisy chain topology.


Can I moved the SD Card from one JACE8000 to another JACE8000?

Yes, but ensure you read the following notes.

You can move an SD Card from one JACE to another. JACE However be cautious, if the SD Card has an existing Station on it then the passphrase of the new hardware must match. The new JACE will most likely have a default passphrase of niagara. You may need to make them match via serial shell.

Additionally you should ensure that Niagara central is updated so the Serial Number of the hardware and Host ID of the SD Card are matching. Otherwise any future license updates may not be a simple process.


The secure web connection (HTTPS) to a JACE8000 keeps crashing / failing?

Is the JACE8000 running Niagara 4.8?

Niagara 4.8 had a critical bug that would manifest in the secure web server crashing on the JACE. This did not affect every single station and would sometimes take a while to become apparent, usually following frequent logins and page loads.

There was no official fix for this bug. The wprk arounds are to either enable the non-secure (HTTP) web server OR downgrade / upgrade the JACE8000 to either N4.7 or N4.9


I am unable to open a remote Station due to a missing JAR File?

If a JACE8000 has a 3rd party JAR file installed you will need to ensure that you have a copy of the JAR(s) locally within your own Workbench. The error message when connecting to the Station will normally detail the missing component(

Connect to the JACE8000s Platform and then select the FTP Client option. you can then copy the missing modules files back from the JACEs module folder to your own Niagara install > Modules folder. Once copied you will need to close and re-open Workbench. You may need to repeat this step for any additional missing JAR files.


Can I connect to a JACE8000 using any version of the Niagara Workbench?


The workbench version on your laptop shoudl always match the version installed wihin the JACE controller. For example if the JACE8000 is running N4.6 then you shoudl ensure that you are using a matching release of N4.6 on your laptop.

A connection from a non-matching version of N4 may be possible (e.. Niagara 4.7), however attempting to re-engineer the device may become problematic. You shoudl not attempt to install any additional software files (e.g. a Modbus driver ) from a non matching version.

Specific versions of workbench can be obtained from Niagara Central or contact [email protected] - note a Niagara 4 download will be between 1GB-2GB in size.


Does the JACE8000 have a serial shell?


You can connect to the JACE8000s serials shell using a Micro USB cable and a terminal program such as Putty.

When the USB cable is connected between your laptop and the JACE8000 a COM port in your device manager will be created.

In putty creating a Serial Connection from the COM port assigned at a baud rate of 115200 - you will now be able to access the JACEs serial shell.


I have lost connection to a JACE8000 following a factory reset. How do I get back in?

Tridium issued a new set of cleanDist files for the JACE8000 at the end of 2020. The original cleanDist file (included with all Workbench installers prior to 4.9.1 and the JACEs own factory reset files) became unusable after the 01/01/2021.

If you have accidentally installed an old dist file then you can get back into the JACE8000 following this procedure:

  1. Connect to the JACE8000 using the USB Serial Shell - you will need a micro USB cable.
  2. Use a terminal program such as Putty. Make a connection to the COM port using 115200 baudrate.
  3. Login to the serial shell with the default credentials of tridium / niagara.
  4. Reset the date & time (Option 1) of the unit to before 01/01/2021 - use 202001010000
  5. Reset the JACE (Option 9).
  6. You can now connect to the JACE8000 using the non-secure platform on Port 3011

NOTE: you will need to aquire the updated cleanDist file for your workbench and then perform a new cleanDist of the device using the distribution file installer of the JACEs Platform.

You can donwlaod this update file from the secure login of the Tyrrell Products web site.

JACE8000, JACE8000 Expansion

Can I add additional RS485 / RS232 expansion ports to the JACE8000?


The JACE8000 comes with 2x onboard RS485 ports. Additional RS485 ports can be added to provided a maximum of 6x RS485 ports (2x expansion moduels with 2x RS485 ports on each.

The JACE8000 can support a mixture of RS485, RS232 & LON interfaces. To check the allowed combinations please consult the JACE8000 datasheet.

JACE8000, Niagara 4

My Station (JACE8000 or WebSup)is reporting a license fault but I have a license for 100(+) Global Capacity Points

The licensing in Niagara 4 will take global capacity license upon the creation of point(s). IF you then remove a group of points from the Station the global capacity point licenses will not be returned until the Station is restated.

You can check the license capacity of the Station by right clicking on the Station icon and selecting SPY > Metrics


I have lost / forgotten the connections details for a JACE8000, can I get reset the credentials?


A JACE8000 running Niagara 4 is a secure boot device. Unlike a legacy AX JACE there is no method of interrupting the boot to reset the platfrom credentials. Secure means secure.

IF you have a backup of the controller you can perform a factory reset of the device and then restore the backup. If you do not have a backup there is method of breaking into the device. You will need the original usernames and passwords.