eBMS/Mobile with Home Automation

eBMS/Mobile with home automation

Wireless monitoring & control

• Battery for powered sensors / devices

Battery powered external sensors
• Battery powered external / industrial mounting sensor and battery

Battery powered internal sensors
• Battery powered internal CO2 sensor
• Battery powered internal space mounting temperature & humidity sensor
• Battery powered LCD thermostat with relay output, alarm levels for sensor and battery

Directional external panel antennas
• Directional wall mounting external panel antenna
• Omni-directional surface mounting external antenna
• Omni-directional wall mounting external antenna

Home energy meters
• Home energy meter (DIN mounting) 

Phase energy meters
• Commercial 3-phase / Duel 3-phase

Powered AI/DI modules
• Powered AI/DI module with 10mW repeater function
• Powered AI/DI-pulse module with 10mW repeater function

Powered multi IO module
• Battery powered IO module
• Powered multi-io module with 10mW repeater function

Remote controlled plug socket
• Remote controlled plug-in socket with energy meter

Remote relay
• 10 amp remote relay with energy meter

• Thermistor NTC sensor

Zigbee repeaters
• Zigbee repeater with 10mW amplifier, 12/24Vdc supply
• Zigbee repeater with 10mW amplifier, 230VAC

• Handheld diagnostic tool
• Network diagnostic and monitoring application for Windows OS

• Modbus RS232 to high powered wireless system gateway
• Modbus RS485 to high powered wireless system gateway
• Modbus TCP/ethernet to high powered wireless system gateway
• Modbus USB(RS232) to high powered wireless system gateway

Tyrrell Products Home Automation Solution offers the most complete control, monitoring components and user interface for apartments, houses, marine applications and offices.

Great user experience and simplicity of use is the design focus of our suite of eBMS/Mobile apps for iOS and Android. Every aspect and element of control for the building is possible.

Integrated control of all systems


eBMS/Mobile offers the control and monitoring of heating, lighting and air conditioning, as well as audio, video, lighting, blind and curtain control. You can also integrate your security, access control and CCTV. With eBMS/Mobile you can change temperature setpoints, add holidays, manage your energy and receive alarms, whether you’re at home or on the move.

Our apps run on Apple or Android devices and scale to different screen sizes. Widgets are placed into groups according to your needs, typically by room name or sub-system, such as lounge, lighting, heating and so on. The navigation drawer gives access to your CCTV, door entry, graphs, alarms, time schedules and the music player.

Control everything from your iOS and Android phone, tablet or our dedicated touch panel

• News and weather feeds
• Panic button with alarm

• Lighting mood selectors
• Time scheduling with boost

• CCTV live feed access
• Media remote controls

• Alarm console with history
• Built in music & video player


eBMS/TouchPanel is our custom built wall mounting Android display. Which is mains or POE powered and comes complete with HDMI, fixed Ethernet, audio output and built in front facing camera.

• 7.9 inch capacitive screen

• Wired/wireless networking

• Android Mobile OS 8

• Wall, flush or panel mount