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Tyrrell and Simaxx announce a winning partnership


Integrate different fire panels into one integrated system

Based on Niagara4, CrossTalk3 is a web-based multi-vendor graphical reporting system with dedicated alarm reporting & management client. It allows users, engineers & managers to control and monitor all the fire alarm systems in the building or campus as well as providing an open platform for integration of many other systems on site, such as BMS & Security.


Why choose Tyrrell Products?

Why partner with Tyrrell Products?

We are the partner you need when scaling the IoT and BMS world. Our highly skilled team develop, design and engineer solutions for you to take, distribute and deploy to your customers, meaning you can spend more time offering a full solution instead of pricing up and building your own jobs.

Want access to support with knowledgable and friendly support team?

We offer extensive support on all products and solutions we sell. If you’re on site or in the office, we are on hand straight away to offer support by phone, email or online. We also have all of our datasheets online so you can get the answers you need quickly to your technical questions.

Use the best products in the industry

We offer a wide range of IoT and BMS products, giving you the confidence to take on challenging jobs further your engineers. Our highly knowledgable and helpful sales team can advise what product or solution will best suite your needs and help you get your job finished.

Offering uncomprimised training with a 100% Niagara 4 Training pass rate!

We are an Official Tridium Certified Training Centre offering BIA award nominated training to budding engineers wanting to expand their knowledge, move into the IoT world and bring a new level of expertise to their skills and company. We also offer training on our own products and intelligent building solutions such as CrossTalk3.1, our integrated fire alarm reporting system to video door entry and more.