What is a View?

A View is the full-frame Periscope visual context that can consist of a single, complex visual tool, or a collection of viewlets. Specialized views are available for purchase, or custom views can be created using the viewlet library by any user.

Alarm View

periscope active logix alarm view

The Alarm Timeline view provides an intuitive look into the Niagara Alarm/Analytics Databases. Users can quickly navigate across date ranges, setup custom filters, and visualize Automation alarms or Niagara Analytics output. Users can quickly see how often an alarm occurs and the length of time the alarm is active.

Dashboard View

periscope active logix dashboard view energy dashboard

The Dashboard view is the most common screen seen in Periscope. The dashboard view is user-configurable and consists of multiple viewlets. Dashboards can be setup to monitor an aspect of one building or an entire campus of buildings. Once in place, viewlets can be moved around and organized as you see fit. Viewlets can also be scaled appropriately by grabbing the bottom right corner and dragging to a desired size.

PX : Connect

periscope active logix px connect

The PX Connect view allows users to embed Tridium’s Building Automation PX pages into a Periscope view for convenience.


periscope active logix map view

The Map view serves as a navigation page to quickly visualize Key Building Indicators (KPIs) such as how buildings compare using current energy, average watts/square ft., or whether a current alarm status exists, etc. Linking KPIs to map is efficient and can be changed with minimal guidance.

Heat Map

periscope active logix heat map

The Heat Map provides a unique hourly spectrum of any trend. Using this view, one can quickly identify anomalies and visualize trends across a time period. Heat maps are often used to identify periods of intense energy and equipment runtime.

Tree Map

periscope active logix tree map

The Tree Map compares common Site data against each other. It is effective in showing anomalies and patterns across different depths of a hierarchy using nested rectangles. The size and colour intensity represent two data sets in each site compared to the other sites, i.e. energy cost vs energy usage.

What is a Viewlet?

Viewlets are unique data windows used to populate a user’s dashboard (which itself is a view). Periscope contains an ever-expanding library of viewlets, each allowing the user to display their information in a particular way. Viewlets can be added, moved, and deleted from the user’s display with ease.


periscope active logix speedometer

The Circular Gauge provides a “Speedometer” style display to monitor the real-time value of any variable in the network.


periscope active logix kpi

Alarm Timeline

periscope active logix alarm timeline

The Alarm Timeline viewlet provides an intuitive look into the Niagara Alarm/Analytics Databases.

Baseline Comparison

periscope active logix baseline comparison

Demand Duration

periscope active logix demand duration

The Demand Duration viewlet enables the display of the amount of time a variable is above a specific level during the selected interval.

Energy Profile

periscope active logix energy profile

The Energy Profile viewlet enables users to quickly identify anomalies in data and compare average profiles to different periods of times or different trends.

Green Tips

periscope active logix green tips


periscope active logix images view

Live Point

periscope active logix live point

The Live Point viewlet allows viewing one or more points in real-time with streaming updates.

Multi Chart

periscope active logix multi chart

The Multi Chart viewlet can be used to plot the aggregate or relative value for multiple variables over time. For each interval over the selected time period, the viewlet can plot the Max, Min, Average, or Sum of the variable.

Simple Gauge

periscope active logix simple gauge

Ranking Chart

periscope active logix ranking chart