New incentives for upgrading to the latest Niagara technology

Niagara keeps evolving with new features and functionality that make buildings more intelligent and cyber secure, and that make building engineers and facilities staff more productive. We’re very excited about all that is in Niagara Framework 4.8 and we’d like our entire customer base to experience it, the sooner the better. So Tridium has put together the special promotions described below that will encourage Niagara AX and N4 migration, get you moving with Niagara at the Edge, and help you connect more devices to your Niagara Supervisors.

AX to N4 migration

Customers that still have Niagara AX deployed in their buildings need to act before this legacy version is deprecated in July 20021. The 2019/20 JACE-IO Trade Up programme offers a discount on the cost of IO-R modules when replacing legacy JACEs with the new JACE 8000s needed for AX-to-N4 migration. For a limited time, when customers replace an older JACE with a JACE 8000, we offer 20% off the IO-R-16 and IO-R-34 units that complete the bundle. Initiate the migration this year because hardware pricing will never be more advantageous, plus you will avoid any AX end of life crunch and risk the non-support. Most of all, you’ll be able to leverage all the powerful features and cyber defence improvements built into Niagara 4 – your facilities and cyber defense teams will appreciate it!

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Intelligence at the Edge

This program is your opportunity to replace legacy JACE 234/334 units and non-IP-based plant controllers with Niagara Edge 10+ IO-R-34 modules. More and more Niagara customers are considering how to incorporate IP-connected, ‘intelligence at the Edge’ strategies into their buildings. With this full-featured, cyber-secure Niagara bundle, you will be able to drive a full range of field applications such as zone temperature control, fan coil units, air handling units, heat pumps and more. By acting now, you can get 20% off an IO-R-34 to pair with an Edge 10 and position your team for success in edge control at a very attractive price/performance point.

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Get connected initiative

Tridium is now offering volume discounts of 20% to accommodate the many new ways Niagara Framework is serving in industrial IoT and Buildings IoT applications that require a high density of devices and data collection at fine granularity. Certain software development partners and project teams are pioneering the use of Niagara for innovative energy management, lighting, physical access and other applications that involve a small, low-cost devices beyond the traditional JACE. We are accommodating your need to connect more devices and get ready for future expansion through this new 2019/2020 program. Contact your Niagara partner for more details this program.

Niagara enterprise security trade up program

Tridium is extending the popular trade up program. Now you have until June 2020 to take advantage of the 20% off promotion.

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