As a group, we are on this date, following the advice the advice from the UK Government on the management and control of Covid-19 within the working environment.

For the UK, this is set out here for both employers and employees:

Covid-19: Guidance for employees

Covid 19: Guidance for employers

We as a company will take on board the advice from the government. For engineering, we will continue to work normally with regard to our attendance on sites bearing in mind the above advice. At this time, we can report that none of our employees are affected by the virus, none are self-isolating and none have been tested positive.

We will monitor any developments closely and react accordingly, at all times following HMG’s advice.

We will endeavour to continue normal working, unless we are instructed specifically by outside agencies, including HMG, to desist our operations. This is therefore our expectation for our workers.

It is essential that we follow only official guidelines and the facts of the situation rather than speculation. We can understand why some may be concerned but as an employer, we want continue to follow regulations set by government and at the same time try to avoid the escalation of anxiety where unnecessary.

We will continue to monitor the advice issued by HMG and we will react accordingly.

Many thanks,
The Tyrrell Group

Tyrrell Products