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So what is Tridium?

Tridium is a global leader in application frameworks that have changed the way building management system hardware and software connect. 

Using the Niagara Framework from Tridium, a user can see everything that is happening in their building such as lighting, heating and energy usage in one dashboard view. 

They are pioneers in developing the system of Internet of Things, helping connect.

Meet the range of Tridium N4 hardware and software

JACE 8000

Operating with Niagara 4, the latest version of the Niagara Framework, for optimum performance.

Niagara Edge 10

Bring power to the Niagara framework and make it easier to connect and control systems.


  • 8 universal outputs
  • 4 relay outputs
  • 4 analog outputs


  • 16 universal outputs
  • 10 relay outputs
  • 8 analog outputs

Tyrrell Products's range of Tridium hardware and software


Our powerful Cellular and Ethernet connection controller, pre-loaded with Niagara 4. 


Combine our Trend IP Driver with Niagara 4 Supervisor and you have the View/EyeQ Supervisor.

Trend IP Driver

Integrate Trend IQ4 / IQ3 / Legacy Controllers into your Tridium BMS via IP connection(s).

Trend Emulator Driver

Allows any Tridium device (AX or N4) to be converted into a single or multiple Virtual IQ.

About Tridium

Niagara4 Builds on the legacy of the Niagara Framework in new and exciting ways. It’s less reliant on browser plug-ins, faster and easier to use. A truly open framework, Niagara4 delivers a variety of notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things, including advanced visualisation and new search, security and navigation tools.

We are excited to announce the release of Niagara Framework 4.8, an update on the software designed to promote customer success in smart building and IoT deployments. From the largest enterprise customers to small single-site building owners, Niagara users are pushing the boundaries of control automation by distributing control and management tasks to intelligent edge devices, extracting valuable insight from their operational data using native and 3rd-party tools of their choice, and managing more IP-connected smart building devices on upgraded networking infrastructures overseen by IT cyber teams. These are just some of the trends release 4.8 is designed to support, with features and functionality added in response to customer demand.

New in Niagara 4.8

From large enterprises to single site installations, Niagara 4.8 offers features for everyone with new functionality that enhances the Supervisor, JACE, Edge 10 and partner platforms.

ACE Deterministic Engine for Niagara Edge 10 – New control engine for Edge 10 that enables fast startup to control time and deterministic timing when servicing IO enabling enhanced operations, analytics and optimisation in new building applications. 

Security Dashboard – Quickly assess the security posture of your Niagara network with an easy-to-read and actionable dashboard.


Supervisor view shows all JACEs on your network

• Quickly identify issues with roll up view
• Triage outliers
• Useful for large sites with multiple contractors

Station views shows individual services

• User service
• Fox service
• Web service
• Login service
• Authentication service
• Module permissions


Client Certificate Authentication – Facilitates kiosk-style interfaces using a dedicated pre-configured browser client.

802.1x Support – More IT administrators are demanding that building devices be network compliant. JACE 8000 and Niagara 10 are now compliant with IEEE standard for network authentication.

3rd Party Module Signing – When utilising the vast number of community-written Niagara extensions/modules, module signing improves the security posture of Niagara installations by making administrators aware of modules that may have been tampered with or introduced by untrustworthy sources.

Export Refresh – Have you created an insightful chart in Niagara? You can now easily share it from your browser using the improved historical data exporting functionality.

JACE 8000 Operating System Refresh – Keep your system up-to-date with the latest updates. This release includes updates to JACE 8000 to run the latest QNX release, as well as a new JVM to ensure future compatibility with new features and to continue ongoing support.

Analytics Data Filter – Data sets can be messy. Sometimes they have gaps, bad values, etc. Now, the Niagara Analytics engine ins smarter and can exclude bad data sets based on the data being tagged as faulty, overridden, in alarm state, etc.

An all new user interface

More data at your fingertips

More Data

Users can easily conduct a systemwide search of the most important elements in their operation. With a simple point and click or drag and drop, users create customised charts, allowing them to instantly find and display critical information. Systems integrators no longer need to re-engineer new dashboards each time a customer requirement changes.

Improved security

Improved Security

Niagara4 is secure by default. Authentication requires users to choose strong credentials, and both data in motion and sensitive data at rest are encrypted. Niagara4 also uses Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), making user permissions easy to configure and less error-prone. All user actions and security-related events are recorded in Niagara’s audit log for traceability.

Faster, more powerful development

Faster Development

Developers will find improved documentation, a rich open API library, BajaScript 2.0, semantic data modelling via tags and other ready-made tools to greatly speed and support development. Niagara4’s new features and public APIs make it easier to extend, develop and build upon the framework.

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