Trend Drivers for Niagara AX/N4

Unlock The Full Potential of your Trend System into Niagara

Trend control systems are installed extensively in the UK with installations in many other countries. The increased demand for Tridium Niagara as the choice of the building IoT and integration solution, has led to a growing desire to integrate Trend BMS systems.

In response to the growing demand, we have developed two new drivers, including our outstanding new Trend Emulator, now faster and more capable than ever. Our trend drivers offer unparalleled connectivity and function to all Trend IQ devices through a TCP VCNC connection, including support for IQ1’s. Our new Emulator driver emulates an IQ3 so you can now link a JACE to a Trend 963 without the need for TOPS.

trend niagara 4 master integration to any trend iq

Trend IP Driver

• Take full control of any TCP based IQ from Niagara
• Full discovery of outstations and their components
• Support for multiple LAN’s even through INC’s
• Trend alarm recipient for redirection to Niagara alarms
• Automatic creation of histories and alarm extensions
• Full overlay of Niagara time schedules onto time zones
• Text comms support for querying any Trend text object

trend niagara slave intregration to 963

Trend Emulator Driver

• Make your JACE or web supervisor emulate an IQ3
• Niagara based integration far more powerful than SIPP
• Full support for sensors, digital inputs and drivers
• All Niagara points exposed as Trend familiar objects
• Convert booleans and numerics to knobs and switches
• Expose Niagara schedules as Trend time zones
• Present Niagara histories as Trend plotting channels