eBMS/Touch Panel

Wireless monitoring & control

• Battery for powered sensors / devices

Battery powered external sensors
• Battery powered external / industrial mounting sensor and battery

Battery powered internal sensors
• Battery powered internal CO2 sensor
• Battery powered internal space mounting temperature & humidity sensor
• Battery powered LCD thermostat with relay output, alarm levels for sensor and battery

Directional external panel antennas
• Directional wall mounting external panel antenna
• Omni-directional surface mounting external antenna
• Omni-directional wall mounting external antenna

Home energy meters
• Home energy meter (DIN mounting) 

Phase energy meters
• Commercial 3-phase / Duel 3-phase

Powered AI/DI modules
• Powered AI/DI module with 10mW repeater function
• Powered AI/DI-pulse module with 10mW repeater function

Powered multi IO module
• Battery powered IO module
• Powered multi-io module with 10mW repeater function

Remote controlled plug socket
• Remote controlled plug-in socket with energy meter

Remote relay
• 10 amp remote relay with energy meter

• Thermistor NTC sensor

Zigbee repeaters
• Zigbee repeater with 10mW amplifier, 12/24Vdc supply
• Zigbee repeater with 10mW amplifier, 230VAC

• Handheld diagnostic tool
• Network diagnostic and monitoring application for Windows OS

• Modbus RS232 to high powered wireless system gateway
• Modbus RS485 to high powered wireless system gateway
• Modbus TCP/ethernet to high powered wireless system gateway
• Modbus USB(RS232) to high powered wireless system gateway

Touch Panel wall mounted for smart home automation

Our multimedia integrated Touch Panel is perfect for residential or hospitality environments.

The 7 inch high definition capacitive touch screen display offers bold colours and simplicity of use in combination with the eBMS/Mobile app. The panel can be powered via PoE, or via a 9-36V PSU.
The panel comes complete with a back box and accepts a wired network connection, making installation straight forward and easy to complete by any competent electrician.

Using this elegant and capable device, pre-loaded with the eBMS/Mobile App, we provide the user with a fast and simple way to control everything in the room or building. This includes but is not limited to lighting, temperature control, air conditioning, door access, blinds & curtains and more.

Key features

  • Android 6 Operating System
  • Audio line output for connection to an amplifier (No in-built speakers)
  • 7” IPS Highly sensitive capacitive screen
  • Black or White fascia
  • In wall or On wall mounting bracket
  • Powered by PoE or 9-36 VDC (included with PoE devices too)
  • 1.2Ghz Processor
  • Wifi or wired ethernet network connection
  • HDMI output for video
  • Front Camera
  • Built in temperature and humidity sensors
  • Bundled with eBMS/Mobile Dedicated Web Browser app for BMS