Satchwell BAS Upgrade to Niagara

There are many existing Satchwell BMS systems installed in the UK and overseas. Replacing these systems has always been an expensive pursuit given the high density of inputs and outputs on any given panel back plate. This often results in new control panels or add-on panels with expensive wiring looms.

On top of these challenges, the sensors have to be replaced and the control strategy re-written. The enormous cost and down time for such an upgrade results in many systems being maintained beyond their normal life cycle and opening up businesses to the risk of unplanned failure without spare parts being available, let alone the expertise and software tools to fix the problems.

BAS-IO boards, from Tyrrell Products, resolves all these problems and by offering a direct replacement in-situ upgrade for a much lower cost than the typical upgrade options available today. Most existing controllers can be replaced in one to three days. This path provides brand new up-to-date controls hardware backed by a standard warranty as well as the ability to control costs, facilitate better maintenance programmes and reduce risk.

bms systems niagara modbus upgrade

Main Features and Benefits:

• Direct replacement for Satchwell BAS2000 and 2800+
• Retain all existing control panel wiring, sensors, actuators and relay outputs
• Industry standard Modbus RTU communications from new I/O boards to Tridium JACE
• Proven 30% saving compared with other leading control systems or outstations
• Full integration to Niagara AX and Niagara 4
• Easy to use dedicated software tool for comissioning new input and output cards

replacement for satchwell