Retail Mini BMS

Building Management but for the smaller guys!

Full scale building management systems are not just for the big buildings and centres anymore, we’re bring it to smaller establishments such as retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants, you name it. We think it’s important that every building has the ability to become a smart building. Our mini BMS system offers temperature and humidity monitoring, occupancy detection, leak detection, smoke detection and door open/closes.


Monitoring and adapting temperature is a must for any retail outfit. A store that overwhelms customers with a temperature that is too hot or cold will instantly make them leave.


Every building manager wants to know how busy their building is, so why not start tracking it. Tracking occupancy is a great way to look at foot traffic and what that foot traffic is spending on energy.

Leak detection

Leaks happen within pipes and walls and go hidden for years before causing expensive damage. Leak detection helps you find leaks before they damage the building and become a big problem.

Smoke detection

Vital and needed by law in any communal building. But if it could integrate into your already installed mini building management system you could manage everything from one dashboard.

Smoke Detector

It’s time to bring building management systems to everyone. 

With the Mini BMS you can:

  • Monitor building and water temperature
  • Monitor and manage energy usage
  • Track occupancy within buildings
  • Discover leaks in both walls and floors
  • Smoke detection for fire safety

Instead of installing and wiring in a full scale building management system, we have developed a new ‘plug and play’ mini bms system. This allows a retail or small hospitality owner find out what is happening within their building, manage energy, manage risks such as leak detection and even count occupancy.


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