Amina Invisible Loudspeakers

Designed to be installed under plaster, wood, leather or anything you can imagine.

BAPI BMS Controls

Specialising in sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure & air quality.

Communicator LT2

Networking for integrated systems, or link remote sites onto existing IT networks.



CrossTalk will monitor, display & command your remote systems.

Drivers & Appliances

Unlock the full potential of your Trend System into the NiagaraAX Framework.

Echo Driver for Niagara

Use your voice to interact with your automation system and control devices.

eBMS/Branch Monitoring

Intelligent power monitoring solutions for distribution systems of all sizes.


Commercial version of our popular and capable wireless Home Automation System.


A  5 port Gigabit Ethernet switch designed for control panel mounting.


HVAC control system with modular industry standard expandable and flexible I/O.

eBMS/IO Module Range

Unlock the full potential of your Trend System into the NiagaraAX Framework.

eBMS/LTIO Module Range

all-new low cost, DIN Mounting, high performance eBMS/LTIO modules.


Complete control & monitoring for apartments, houses, and offices.

eBMS/Touch Panel

Our touch panel is perfect for residential or hospitality environments.

eBMS/Video Door Entry

Video door entry system offers live audio, video and door entrance control.

Eco Lighting

Our eco LED lighting can give you energy savings of over 70%.

Edge 10

The first IP-based I/O controller to harnesses the power of the Niagara.

JACE 8000

An all-new modular hardware platform optimised for Niagara 4.

JENEsys Edge 534 Controller

Combining Niagara Framework with Lynxspring’s Onyxx platform.

JENEsys Edge 514 Controller

Powered by Niagara 4, the new fully programmable IP JENEsys controller.

LoRa Intelligent Lighting

Street lighting management that ensures that the right amount of light is provided.

M-BUS – RS485 Converter

Measurement instruments like energy meters, water meters, gas pressure etc.

Periscope Dashboard

A growing library of charts empower users with intuitive visualization of live data.

Satchwell Niagara Upgrade

Direct replacement for Satchwell BAS2000, 2800 & Sigma rack type controllers.

Secure Tablet Mount

iPad Mini or 7″ Android tablet enclosure is the choice for strength & security.

Trend Drivers

Increased demand for Niagara has led to a desire to integrate Trend Systems.


We are proud of our continued partnership with Tridium.

Wireless Monitoring

A wide range of sensors, actuators, thermostats, gateways and data loggers.

View/EyeQ Trend Web Supervisor

Combine our Trend IP Driver with Niagara 4 Supervisor and get the View/EyeQ.

New Smart Home Range

Our new range of smart home products for inside and outside the home.