Split Core Power Monitoring


24 Way, 2-Part Connectors, 0-90A, DIN Mounting, kWH, kVA, A, 0.02% Accuracy, Stand-Alone Modbus or Up to 6 per ASI.

Split Core Datasheet

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The Split Core Processor Board is DIN mounting and provides two-part connections for 24 x split core transducers. Just like the advanced solid core strips, these boards can also be pushed together using their edge connectors to provide for larger distribution systems, whilst reducing the time required for engineering or wiring.

The modules are addressed using the on-board rotary switches to give them unique identifiers. The modules are equipped with the most powerful in-class on-board 32-bit processing. This allows us to perform the most accurate sampling and calculations right at the point of the measurement. The current value analysis is carried out 6 times per second per transducer and all values are then transmitted digitally to remote systems, these either being our own Advanced Systems Interface or 3rd party BMS system. Local processing and digital communication provide the best possible accuracy available today.


  • Better than Class 1 Accuracy (<0.1% over the range)
  • Unrivalled Signal to Noise Ratio (72dB)
  • Modular to meet exact requirements and budget32-Bit processor for measurement Calculations
  • CT cable lengths between 1 and 3 metres
  • Adjustable Alarm levels
  • Amps, kVA and kWH in 1/2 hourly periods
  • Intelligent Breaker Trip alarm capability
  • Native Modbus interface for BMS connection
  • Optional Advanced System Interface Mini-DCIM


  • Accurate measurements informing better decisions in the event of failure or high usage
  • Small footprint, reducing panel size & cost
  • Intelligent Breaker Trip alarm removes the need for auxiliary contacts, saving space and money
  • Modbus saves time when connecting to BMS
  • Advanced System Interface Setup Wizard creates graphical interface and documentation in minutes
  • Modular design with worldwide patent application
  • Distributed connectivity reducing deployment cost
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