BAPI Outside Air Temperature Sensor


IP66 BAPI-Box2 Enclosure with Wiring Gland.

  • Quick-response sensor
  • BAPI-Box 2 enclosure
  • Well-vented sensor guard


Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Outside Air Sensor Datasheet



BAPI Outside Air Temperature Sensor

Outside Air Temperature Sensors are designed to be mounted outdoors. The UV-resistant plastic shield keeps the sensor out of the sunlight and allows for excellent air circulation. The units are available in a BAPI-Box 2 polycarbonate enclosure which carries an IP66 rating.

All Outside Air Units have etched Teflon leadwires and can withstand high humidity and condensation and perform under real world conditions. This is especially important in an outside air application which can be exposed to rain, now and large temperature swings.


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