OpenConnect Gateway (MD)



  • Multiple tier implementation
  • Easily configurable with by web browser
  • Compatible with a variety of control panels


  • Increased efficiency of system management
  • No modification to fire detection and alarm devices
  • Integrity of fire alarm system assured
  • Reduced cost through standard software and single interface
  • Choice of manufacturers offering OpenConnect
  • Full system integration
  • Recurring engi

Download OpenConnect Gateway Datasheet

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OpenConnect Gateway fully integrates fire detection with building management systems (BMS), without the need for complex systems or the use of multiple customised interfaces. The OpenConnect Gateway is effectively a ‘plug and play’ device that can be incorporated into a fire control panel design, relaying information from the panel into the BMS using standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus® or LonWorks. This gives both system integrators and end users the advantage of utilising an intra-system communication architecture between both environments, while maintaining the integrity of each system independently.


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