Niagara4 Driver for eBMS/LTIO Modules


Free eBMS/LTIO Tridium Driver to quarter your configuration time of our LTIO Modules.


We want to make the engineering and integration our eBMS/LTIo modules as fast, reliable, easy and as cost effective as possible. That’s why we have created a dedicated free driver for our eBMS/LTIO modules and Fan Coil Controller for Tridium Niagara 4.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduced setup time with auto-discovery and automatic histories
  • Easy to use with no Modbus experience needed, reducing errors
  • Free to use with any of our eBMS/LTIO module range
  • Driver memory of configured modules for faster fault replacement
  • Pay for only the Niagara I/O points needed, reducing licensing costs
  • Reduce niagara license costs by only using the I/O points needed

Product Overview

The free Niagara driver includes automatic discovery and drop-down simple configuration for input types and scaling, well as automatic history extension creation for inputs and outputs. Also, the driver only uses licensed points for the configured points that you need. Not only does the driver save engineering time, and therefore money, but also Niagara licensing costs as well.

Only available when purchased with our eBMS/LTIO Modules, or if you have eBMS/LTIO Modules already installed*
*Proof may be required.

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