Niagara Edge 10

Our goal with Niagara Edge 10 is to bring the power of the Niagara Framework to the edge and make it easier to connect and control systems and optimise performance within the IoT. That’s why we are evolving the software to include tools to assist in the configuration and management of edge devices. These tools are open and available for everyone running Niagara, regardless of hardware platform.

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Tridium is excited to introduce Niagara Edge 10 – The first IP-based I/O controller that harnesses the full power of the Niagara Framework at the edge.

By running Niagara at the edge, systems integrators can reduce training costs, learning curves and proprietary tools with an industry standard framework. In addition, they can take advantage of new and improved workflows that will save on installation time and maintenance costs.

Building owners can take advantage of high-value apps from the Niagara Community and connect directly to apps hosted in the cloud. Built-in analytics create smarter, more efficient buildings, and improve decision making. Additionally, Niagara’s world-class security features protect all levels of the building infrastructure – giving owners greater peace of mind.


  • Powered by the Niagara Framework
  • 5 universal inputs
  • 3 digital outputs
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 1 485 serial port
  • 2 ethernet ports that support daisy-chain topology
  • Expandable via one IO-R-34
  • Powered via 24VAC/DC source


  • Fan coil unit
  • Single-stage air handling unit
  • Water source heat pump
  • Zone control
  • Boiler with hot water reset
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