LON Option Card for Use with OpenConnect Gateways


FTT-10A LON (LonWorks) adapter with a 2-position removable screw-terminal connector plug.

Up to 2 LON® option cards may be installed.
• If one LON option, it operates as LON1, regardless of slot.
• If two LON options, LON1 is Option slot 1, LON2 is Option slot 2.

There are two LEDs that are visible on the top of the NPB‐LON option card (cover must be removed from JACE‐2):
• RX (green) — Receive, indicates that another LonWorks device is transmitting a message.
• TX (yellow) — Transmit, indicates that the JACE is transmitting a message on the LON trunk.

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

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