AAC20 controller (iSMA-B-AAC20) is an advanced device to control building automation and HVAC systems. Use of SVM (Sedona Virtual Machine) allows you to finish the setup quickly and easily. It is ideal for smaller projects where you want to stay open protocol while keeping the development simple and the cost under budget.

With the large number of inputs and outputs allows to integrate with other devices and sensors (AAC20 provides 8xUI, 4xDI, 4/6xAO and 4xDO). Its fast processor allows to control of even very large objects. Built-in RS485 can be used to expand number of I/O by connecting MINI or MIX series I/O modules using Modbus ASCII/RTU. In addition, to increase the versatility of the controller, it supports many open communications protocols like: BACnet, Modbus, SOX, DALI, M-Bus, 1-wire or oBIX (optional). AAC20 is mounted in a housing adapted for DIN rail mounting or directly on a panel. Separate, easy to remove connectors allow quick wiring without removing the entire module.

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Download iSMA-B-AAC20 Datasheet

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