IO-R-16 module


An IO solution that makes the Tridium JACE 8000 even more powerful…

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Introducing an IO solution that makes the next generation JACE 8000 more powerful, and your migration path straight forward. IO R is part of the Niagara Framework portfolio of hardware, software and tools designed for remote monitoring and control applications that enables end-to-end automation and device-to-enterprise integration.

IOR allows the JACE 8000 to interface directly with simple non-intelligent inputs and outputs remotely located up to 4,000 feet from the JACE. The connection is established via an industry-standard RS 485 multi-drop communications bus. Multiple IO R devices can be utilised on a single JACE, providing 250+ IO points on a single JACE.


  • 8 universal inputs: Type 3 (10k) thermistors, 0-100K ohm, 0-10VDC
  • 0-20 mA with external resistor
  • 4 relay outputs (Form A contacts, 24VAC @ .5 amp rated)
  • 4 analog outputs (0-10VDC)
  • Powered from IO-R-34
  • Connected to JACE 8000 remotely over a shielded RS485 bus
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