Elios4You is a monitoring and self-consumption device for single-phase PV systems, rated up to 12 kW.

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How it works

Elios4you is a monitoring and self-consumption device for single-phase PV systems rated up to 12 kW.

Elios4you uses two current transformers (CT) to measure electrical energy produced and exchanged with the grid, calculating consumption in real time. The “Elios4you” App allows users to control and monitor the production of their photovoltaic system simply and intuitively, and to maximize self-consumption, thanks also to a built-in programmable relay (controlling a heat pump, for example).

Main features

  • For single-phase systems of up to 12 kW rated power (grid-connected)
  • Universal: whatever the type of inverter
  • Full configuration and control using “Elios4you” free App, even remotely (with internet connection using ADSL router). Available on App Store and Google Play.
  • Data displayed in real time on mobile devices (smartphone/tablet)
  • Main displays: energy produced, exchanged with the grid, consumed and self-consumed
  • Programmable relay for self-consumption
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