Echo Driver Point Packs


All packs come with 1 Location and 1 Year Cloud Service.

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Disclaimer: Only compatible up to 4.11. 

Integrate an Amazon Echo with Niagara4 or AX and use voice commands to control anything from air conditioning to dimmers to humidity.

Fee Bee is our unique Alexa Skill that allows you to control any connected Niagara point.

  • “Alexa, tell Fee Bee to turn the lounge lights (On/Off)”
  • “Alexa, tell Fee Bee to (Open/Close) the kitchen blinds.”
  • “Alexa, tell Fee Bee to open the front door.”


  • Amazon Echo service for Niagara 4 and AX
  • Action based license structure
    • Boolean point (off / on) = 2 x actions
    • Numeric point (0-100%& = 1 x actions
  • 1 year cloud subscription with all packs
  • Unlimited Echo connections
  • Echo’s can be assigned to specific room locaton
  • Extend any point to be voice controlled
    • Assign a room location
    • Assign a room number
    • Assign an object
    • Assign the action words
  • Regularly updated dictionary of invocation names (locations & objects)
  • Group commands available
  • Requires an Amazon ID
  • Requires an internet connection

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