eBMS/TouchView is an easy to use, kiosk enabled web browser for Android devices. The eBMS/TouchView app allows automatic launch and login to Tridium Niagara Stations.

  • Dedicated kiosk web app for Android based devices
  • Support Android OS 5 and above
  • Multiple profiles supported (Tridium N4 / Tridium AX / Web & 3rd Party Devices)
  • Automatic launch of app & login to Tridium Niagara 4 / Tridium Niagara AX
  • Kiosk mode supported to fully lock down your tablet / display
  • Access Niagara Alarm Database and History Builder via built in short cuts
  • Free download in the Google Play Store
  • License activation via web portal (£25 per device)
  • Password protection to get into settings (also supports PIN of the day)
  • Bundled with all tablets / displays purchased from Tyrrell Products
Tyrrell Products