BAPI Duct Units with BAPI-Box


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Sealant Filled Connectors recommended with this product.

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BAPI Duct Units with a BAPI-Box Crossover come with a polycarbonate enclosure. The foam backing provides a tight seal for the probe insertion hole and absorbs vibration. Mounting tabs allow for easy installation directly to the wall of the duct.

All Duct Units have etched Teflon leadwires and double encapsulate sensors to create a watertight package that can withstand high humidity and condensation and perform under real world conditions. Duct Units have probe lengths from 100 to 450mm to accommodate most duct shapes and sizes and are available with a wide selection of sensing elements.


  • Stainless steel probes: 100, 200, 300 and 450mm
  • Double encapsulated sensors and etched teflon leads

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