BAPI Differential Pressure Switch


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The BAPI Differential Pressure Switch is ideal for air filter monitoring, static pressure proving, airflow proving or auxiliary fan actuation. Because of it’s approved Limit Control Listing, the BAPI Switch can be used in safety circuits to protect heating appliances, heating systems, processing systems and HVAC/R systems.

The setpoint is field adjustable from 30 to 130 Pascals, and the unit can measure positive pressure, vacuum or true differential pressure. The seven pressure rangers are field selectable by changing a colour-coded spring. The spring for the range that you order is preinstalled, and the other six springs are shipping with the unit so that you can change ranges in the field if you choose.


30 Pascals to 130 Pascals.

  • Easy to access field adjustable setpoint from 30 to 130 Pascals
  • Approved listing so the unit can be used for safety controls
  • 5 Amp silver contacts


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