Cloud Hosting

From edge to cloud, Tyrrell have got you covered.

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  • Secure design, with secure connections and data backups.
  • Reduce risk with remote access for all engineers, not just one or two with laptops.
  • Private cellular network via your own VPN for flexibility and security.
  • We manage OS service updates while you get on with the job.
  • Manage all your sites, compare and manage your data in one place.
  • Customer peace of mind with managed secure cloud solution.

Our proven high performance services allow you to connect your sites to Tridium Niagara for graphics, alarm handling, analytics and more. Our partnership with ActiveLogix means you can take that tagged data and present it to your own team and your clients on the most powerful dashboards and visualisations for Niagara so far, all included in your monthly fee.

It doesn’t stop there, building on our extensive experience in the delivery of open source IoT solutions, we also offer true IoT hosted solutions, including Cervello. Cervello is a powerful dash-boarding, data transformation, alarm handling and device management platform for MQTT, CPCUA and more. With processing of up to 1.2m concurrent data transactions, we are ready to handle the most challenging projects and get it right every time.

We will even configure and set up connections on your behalf by way of our impressive and cost effective professional services, whether by IP sec VPN or secure cellular connection.

  • Hosted Niagara 4 and AX Supervisor
  • Options for Niagara Analytics & Periscope
  • Platforms include Node-RED and MQTT
  • Secure low cost SIM packages
  • Highly scalable hosted MQTT Broker
  • VPN or web based DNS connections
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