Periscope Analytics Bundle


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The periscope analytics bundle features a heat map, scatter plot and tree view. The Heat Map provides a unique hourly spectrum of any trend, the scatter plot allows you to view data and see the rise and fall in energy use and finally the Tree Map compares common site data against each other.

Heat Map

The Heat Map provides a unique hourly spectrum of any trend. Using this view, one can quickly identify anomalies and visualize trends across a time period. Heat maps are often used to identify periods of intense energy and equipment runtime.

Scatter Plot

The Site Scatter Plot displays points on an x and y-axis. This visualisation enables easy visualisation of relationship and how they change over time.

Tree View

The Tree Map compares common Site data against each other. It is effective in showing anomalies and patterns across different depths of a hierarchy using nested rectangles. The size and colour intensity represent two data sets in each site compared to the other sites, i.e. energy cost vs energy usage.



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