6DOH-12DI (Plant and Lighting Controller)


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The eBMS/IO 6DOH-12DI module provides 6 independent 250vac/8A rated digital relay output channels with hand-off-auto override switches. Each output channel has a pair of digital input channels for contactor run and alarm status. Each output has a yellow LED and each input pair has a bi-colour LED to indicate the current status of the connected devices.

The IP20 rated module may be plugged together with other modules on standard TS35 DIN rail or direct mounting; the cascadable design allows power and 2- wire RS485 Modbus communications to connect through without any extra wiring.

Modbus address setting is by rotary switches which are easily accessible underneath the top cover. A bi- colour LED indicates the communications status.

CON (RS485 Master Network Interface) or TCP-CON needed to connect modules to an RS485 Master Network Interface or Ethernet Network Interface.


  • 6 digital output relays with 8A contacts
  • Hand-off-auto override switches on outputs
  • 12 digital inputs 24v ac or dc
  • DIN rail or direct mounting
  • 24v ac or dc power operation
  • Supports RS485 2-wire Modbus Open Communication network
  • Failsafe outputs to predefined state on communications failure
  • Easy address setting using rotary switches
  • Bi-colour LED for module status information


The 6DOH-12DI module has one 2-wire RS485 port supporting a Modbus communications network connection to the JACE® controller. Modules can be networked via TCP, RS485 or mixed networking.


Can be engineered via any system with a Modbus interface. Palette files available for Tridium AX and N4.


BMS and monitoring.

Product Specification

  • Module Power Supply: 20v to 28v ac or dc
  • Module Current: 275ma ac or 110ma dc
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +50°C
  • CE Marketing: EMC directive, 2004/108/EC according requirements of EN 55011 and EN 61326-1
  • Mounting: DIN-rail TS35 (35mm x 7.5mm) or direct mounting by M3 fixing
  • Assembly: Up to 15 in a row with zero spacing
  • Module Size (l x w x h-TS35 / direct): 53mm x 95mm x 60mm / 58mm
  • Insulating Material / Flammability Class: Housing: Noryl. Terminals: Polyamid 6.6 V0 / UL94 V0
  • Protection Degree (DIN 40050): IP 20


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