4DI/4DO LTIO Module



The eBMS/LTIO 4DI/4DO module supports 4 independent digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.  Inputs can be used for VFC monitoring or pulse counting.  Outputs are rated for 230v 5A with C / NO / NC contacts.

Connected by ModbusRTU communications, these products offer the best possible performance at the lowest price. They come with freely available configuration palettes to drop onto each device, instantly bringing configuration parameters in the Niagara 4 Framework, speeding up the engineering of these modules beyond even BACnet devices.

Product Overview

  • Expansion module for Building Automation Systems
  • 4 Digital Inputs ( Pulse Counter )
  • 4 Digital Outputs
  • User friendly configuration
  • Status LEDs for all inputs, outputs and communication
  • RS-485 Connection as Modbus RTU Slave
  • Slave ID and Baudrate Configured with DIP Switches
  • Counter value stored in permanent memory. Last value held in memory during power failure.



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