M2M Remote Monitoring Modules and Modems

MTXM2M is a brand specialized in design, creation, modems-routers-gateways-accessories distribution for industrial environments. MTXM2M distributes around the world. Below, you can see in detail each modem, router or gateway for 4G and 3G communications.

MTX products can be used from SMS or CSD data calls to easily connect to the internet thanks to its powerful integrated TCP-IP stack, and to transmit large amounts of data at high speed and low latency using the new 3G / UMTS / HSPA networks And 4G / LTE.

They are designed to offer a large number of interfaces (serial RS232, RS485), USB, I / O or the possibility of a wireless connection (Bluetooth, WiFi, RM ISM, Zigbee, etc.). In most products a GPS / GNSS receiver can be added.