The eBMS/IO module range will allow you to connect every sensor, switch, actuator and relay in the most cost effective and flexible way

Direct replacement for the end of life Tridium IOM modules.

In addition to intelligent integrated communications with multiple building systems, there is also a need to control and monitor discrete plant items such as pumps and boilers, lighting circuits, fans, dampers and other essential equipment.

Likewise, there is a necessity to connect, monitor and log sensors for temperature, humidity, air flow, fluid levels and more. All these connections can be achieved in an elegant and modular fashion by deploying our complete range of DIN mounting Modbus based Input / Output modules.

As well as working in perfect harmony with our own eBMS/HVAC™ controllers, this comprehensive range of modules can be connected to any Modbus® capable controller or integration platform. You can connect the modules locally or remotely using Ethernet or RS485 and the modules have monitored Hand-Off-Auto controls to streamline pre-commissioning and simplify maintenance and support operations.

They also support sensing elements from all major manufacturers, drastically reducing the cost of retrofit installations.

Our IO modules are designed for use as local IO within motor control cabinets or as remote IO connected via TCP or RS485 Modbus networks. The product line has been established for over 15 years with 20,000+ units shipped.

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