Periscope Energy Dashboards V3.0

The Next Generation of Building Monitoring

Powerful Features. Unique Benefits. A growing library of charts and widgets empower users with intuitive visualisation of live and historical data.

The entire solution has been re-developed and re-designed from the ground up to deliver breathtaking capabilities not possible in any other solution available elsewhere.

To start, the offering is now built on HTML5 and so it scales perfectly no matter your platform. Periscope is hosted on Niagara 4 but will be available on SkySpark, with options for other hosts in the future. With an integral haystack tag based data structure, it is now possible to navigate by way of site > equipment > points – which brings a huge user benefit of context sensitive, reusable views. For smart cities and IoT, the API allows developers to create and embed custom viewlets for their own unique applications.

Base Bundle

Live Point


Key Performance


Simple Gauge

Analytics Bundle

Heat Map

Scatter plot

Tree View

Energy Bundle

Baseline Comparison

Energy Profile

Demand Duration

Sustainability Bundle

Green Tips

Ranking Chart


Add On Features

Alarm Timeline

Alarm Viewer

Dynamic Map View