eBMS/IO Modules

Engineer any system with a Tridium AX or Niagara4 interface

The eBMS/IO module range will allow you to connect every sensor, switch, actuator and relay in the most cost effective and flexible way

In addition to intelligent integrated communications with multiple building systems, there is also a need to control and monitor discrete plant items such as pumps and boilers, lighting circuits, fans, dampers and other essential equipment.

Likewise, there is a necessity to connect, monitor and log sensors for temperature, humidity, air flow, fluid levels and more. All these connections can be achieved in an elegant and modular fashion by deploying our complete range of DIN mounting Modbus based Input / Output modules.

As well as working in perfect harmony with our own eBMS/HVAC™ controllers, this comprehensive range of modules can be connected to any Modbus® capable controller or integration platform. You can connect the modules locally or remotely using Ethernet or RS485 and the modules have monitored Hand-Off-Auto controls to streamline pre-commissioning and simplify maintenance and support operations.

They also support sensing elements from all major manufacturers, drastically reducing the cost of retrofit installations.

10DI module

4AO/3DO module

4DO module

Multi IO module

8AI (analogue input module)

Sun blind control module

CON-R (RS485 slave network interface)

eBMS/GigaSwitch, 5-port ethernet switch

TCP-CON (ethernet network interface)

6DOH-12DI (plant & lighting controller)

CON (RS485 master network interface)

CON (RS485 Master Network Interface) or TCP-CON needed to connect modules to an RS485 Master Network Interface or Ethernet Network Interface.

Sensor support

Our modules are compatible with sensors from over 22 manufacturers, allowing you to retrofit our modules without having to change, re-wire or re-configure any of the existing sensors. This can often make the difference between winning and loosing a project opportunity.


Our modules can be clicked together in groups in your control panel enclosures, or connected remotely in simple enclosures using TCP/IP (Ethernet) or RS485 (Twisted Pair). This is ideal for distributed monitoring and control for items such as chilled beams, classrooms and nozzle dampers, negating the need for costly and difficult centralised wiring systems and control panels.

On-board fixed function

For Lighting and Plant, some modules have fixed function control built in. This makes for more efficient control without the need for bespoke or additional control strategy for standard control methods such as lighting control with occupancy PIR & switch and also plant control, such as boilers, pump-sets & fans where feedback for autochangeover or rotation is the norm. Not only does this save time and money, but the control is always guaranteed to function quickly and efficiently.

Local monitoring and control

Most of our modules have Hand- Off-Auto controls, but these controls which are also monitored so that you can raise an alarm, visualise when they have been used or more importantly if they have been left out of the Auto position, which can increase energy cost and reduce comport levels. Having HOA controls allows pre-commissioning of control outputs to take place without having to connect a laptop. Equally, for maintenance purposes, lesser skilled technicians can complete operations such as driving dampers and valves without the need for software or laptops.

Modbus tunneling for remote integration applications

One unique feature of our TCP-CON is the ability to tunnel Modbus across Ethernet to a remote location, then to breakout of the Ethernet into twisted pair. This makes it possible to hop across Ethernet and out to local networks on RS485 without running costly cabling around the building. This saves costs and improves efficiency by making full use of existing infrastructure and reduces new installation where possible.

Industry standard mounting and power

The modules are powered from industry standard 24VAC or DC supplies and are DIN rail mounting. The interconnection between the modules is by way of secure pushfit edge connectors or for remote connections, you can use the screwed terminals provided.

io module connect sensor switch actuator relay
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