M-Bus to RS485 Converter for Optimised Reading

What is it?

The M-Bus (or Meter-Bus) is a bus optimized for the reading of measurement instruments like energy meters, water meters, gas pressure, sensors and actuators etc. An M-Bus system is composed of a Master that acquires data from the meters and slaves that are connected to the Master by wireless or a two wire bus network.The number of Slaves connected can change from 1 to 250, for the maximum length of 350m; for greater distance repeaters can be installed.

read energy meters

M-Bus Master / RS485 Converter

The MB00134* series are level converters that allow the communication between a PC/PCL and the slaves.
The serial used for the connection with the PC/PLC is RS485.
The use of RS485 is recommended because you are able to have the PC or other connected system up to 1200m from the converter; unlike RS232 where the recommended maximum cable length is 15m.
The M-Bus is able to power up to 250 slaves and the micro processor control guarantees a stable communication with the M-Bus slaves.

Main Benefits and Features of the M-Bus to RS485 Converter:

• Microprocessor Control
• Scalable from 1 to 250 slaves
• Galvanic isolation between RS485 and M-Bus
• 35mm DIN rail mounting
• Adjustable transmission speed from 300 to 38400 baud
• Electrical isolation between RS232/RS485 and M-Bus
• Industrial temperature range: 30°C / 70°C (22°F / 158°F)