LoRa network overview

intelligent lighting management system

inteliLIGHT is a reliable remote street lighting management system that ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed. inteliLIGHT adapts to your existing luminaries, using either electronic or magnetic ballasts. inteliLIGHT is perfectly tailored for ESCO or other innovative financing solutions and starts saving money right after the first control device is installed.

NEMA controller

Designed for retro-fit or new build, the NEMA controller offers DALI or 0-10v control. The device has an on-board time scheduler, controlling dimming levels according to time and external light level. On board metering delivers real-time kWH.

Hard wired controller

As with the NEMA version, the hard wired controller has all the same features but is designed for us with streetlights where there is no NEMA socket. This is true of many Eastern European countries and those in the middle and far east. This controller is attached with a simple bracket and wired directly to the lamp.

Niagara N4/AX driver

Our Tridium Niagara inteliLIGHT driver for N4 or AX delivers maximum integration and control capabilities for the application. Time scheduling, fault reporting. direct control, interrogation and alarm delivery are all possible from the JACE or Workbench from any of the connected controllers.