Amina Invisible Loudspeakers

Amina Invisible Speakers

Amina Invisible Speakers

Why invisible speakers?

Increasing demand for integration within the home and a more technology based lifestyle combined with the modern ‘less aesthetic clutter’ look for homes has led to a rise in hidden technology solutions. By removing bulky speakers and hiding them in walls, creating the invisible speakers, creates a room with less clutter and a more modern design.

How does it work?

With the invention of VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology), Amina has been able to take the common speaker design and replace the cone with a flat panel. Instead of speaker wobble you usually see, these speakers say invisible by using small vibrations to generate sound which is only heard and not seen. Integrate your invisible speaker into any wall, ceiling or flat panel!

For Residential

With every household now using speakers in most rooms such as the kitchen and living room, and the demand for integration and wireless, the invisible speaker is one way to de-clutter your home and improve the aesthetic of each room.

The speakers can be connected to while relaxing, hosting a party, cooking, cleaning or even just showing off to your friends.

Invisible Speakers For Home
Invisible Speakers For Hotel

For Hotels

Invisible speakers are perfect to add to hotels. Amaze your hotel guests with and de clutter your room, staying one step ahead in the interior design of your hotel. 

Creating the right ambience is paramount to any hotel design. Keeping the speakers invisible, using Vibration Panel Technology (VPT) allows sound to disperse evenly through any space, so guests can enjoy the atmosphere wherever they are. 


Derived from an experiment in immersive audio by the British Ministy of Defence in early 1980s, Vibrational Panel Technology allows a loudspeaker cone to be replace by a flat panel. This creates a complex series of ‘tuned’ surface vibrations which generate acoustic energy. This is very similar to the way in which an acoustic musical instrument works.

Room Filling Sound

Unlike a conventional speaker, our invisible speakers with VPT generate what is known as an incoherent phase waveform. This means that the acoustic energy generated by the speaker interacts in a summative way with the room reflections, leading to incredibly smooth, room filling sound rather than the typical hot spots.

Wide Dispersion

Sound that reaches and covers the whole room. With a complex array of vibrations, the invisible speaker has an incredible full 180° audio dispersion. This means that whether you are stood directly underneath or on the opposite side of the room, the speaker sound quality you experience will be the exact same. 

Full Bandwidth

It is a myth that invisible speakers are limited in audio performance. There is a general assumption is that by being positioned behind plaster or other finishing material, the speaker sounds ‘muffled’. This is  just not true and has to be experienced to be believed. The speaker works with the covering material to generate incredible clarity and powerful bass.