Fridge Monitoring

Monitor temperature and avoid food and drink wastage

By law, a coffee shop or restaurant has to check it’s fridge temperature twice a day, normally done by an employee checking it and writing it down. Not only is this a bad use of time but the data can easily be lost, mis-read or not be an accurate representation of the average fridge temperature. This doesn’t show if between these to checks the fridge lost temperature and potentially ruined food which would be served. Using fridge monitoring means you can monitor and manage the fridge temperature not just all day but all night too, being alerted to anomalies, so you know what you’re serving is safe.

Food safety

If the fridge temperature isn’t continually checked, it could drop and ruin food that would be served to customers. Monitoring this would give you the peace of mind of knowing your’e serving fresh food.


By law, fridge temperature needs to be checked twice a day and recorded down. This takes time for an employee to do, time which could be spent making money, not checking fridge temperature.

Save money

How do you know if your fridge is working harder than it needs to be? Our solution found that when the fridge powered down, the temperature quickly rose. Quickly, a hole was found in the fridge and repaired.

Fridge Sensor Image

Fridge monitoring is required by law to be checked twice a day in a coffee shop or restaurant, but what if you have 10 different fridges and each fridge takes 2-3 minutes to check and write down the temperature? You’re easily wasting an hour of employee time to check something you could be automatically monitoring for half the price.

When an employee does only check the fridge temperature twice a day, you don’t get a real picture of how the fridge temperature has changed through the day. Using our simple fridge monitoring probe means the fridge temperature is monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is vital as when storing food and drink to serve to customers, there can be no contamination or risk of making the customer ill. This probe allows the business to ensure the food and drink they’re serving is in perfect condition and has not been allowed to warm up or thaw. due to a change in temperature, to which they may not be aware of. 

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