How does our fridge monitoring sensor help your business?

Does your business spend time manually checking the temperature of your fridges each day just to comply with regulations? Checking the fridge temperature twice a day can take up to an hour and means you are only keeping to regulations on those two exact times of the day. The rest of the time, you could be breaking food compliance law.

This is where our fridge monitoring sensor comes to help you.

What does our fridge monitor do?

When your fridge door is opened for a certain amount of time, it will trigger a warning to let you know it has potentially been left open, lowering your temperature. It also detects your fridge temperature for you and reports this data to the cloud, which is accessible from any connected device. If you need to keep your fridge above a certain temperature, you can set alerts so as soon as a temperature falls within your chosen parameters, it will alert all your connected devices.

The savings made

Let’s say you own and run a coffee shop daily. You need to check the fridge temperature twice a day and this has to be below a certain temperature to not only comply with rules and regulations, but to also keep your food safe. To check this, you have somebody going to check all your fridges for you manually.

Employee #12 paid £8.21 per hour
Employee #12 goes to check all the fridges twice a day, each time taking half an hour.
Daily cost: £8.21
Monthly cost: £254.51
Per year: £3054.12

Cost per month for sensors and hosting
Per month: £36
Per year: £432

As you can see, not only are the savings huge, the guaranteed a return on investment within two months.

The dangers of not using sensors

If this temperature goes below the regulated level, all the food in said refrigerator has to be thrown out straight away. This incurs a massive cost straight away, and even worse, if you don’t know about the temperature and food spoiling, you may serve it. Then you have a much bigger problem on your hands.

If this happens, and it turns out the fridges have not been properly monitored, then you may even risk having your license taken away from you.

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