Echo driver for Niagara AX and N4

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination...

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon. Its voice processing technology enables it to play music, set timers, read the news, check your calendar, weather forecasts, traffic updates and much more. Third-party apps called Skills also enable it to control smart home devices.

The Amazon Alexa skill was developed by Tyrrell Products, allowing access to any Niagara based automation system. You can use your voice to interact with your automation system and switch devices ON/OFF, control the temperature, open/close blinds amongst many other things.

amazon alexa driver for niagara ax and n4

• eBMS/Alexa Service For AX & N4
• Monitor or Control Any Connected Point
• Suitable for new and retrofit projects
• Licensed by actions, keeping costs to an absolute minimum
• Vast Library of invocation names (locations & objects)
• Unlimited Amazon device connectivity
• Requires An Amazon Account and Internet
• Can be installed on any Niagara-powered device
• eBMS/Alexa Skill Available for download in The Amazon Store
• Amazon device can be assigned to a specific room or location
• Works with all Amazon Alexa devices, including the Echo and Echo Dot