eBMS/Connect - Take control of your building

Perfect for small offices, retail and cafes

eBMS/Connect is the commercial version of our popular and capable wireless Home Automation System. Saving energy by controlling heating, cooling and power in small buildings at a fraction of the cost of a traditional BMS system. Installation is carried out by a regular domestic electrician and setup is done by the same person using our free app.

eBMS/Connect brings the following possibilities

  • Control boilers and hot water systems
  • Control air conditioning systems
  • Control and monitor plug loads
  • Control and meter wall heaters
  • Control lighting, pumps, fans and more
  • Monitor incoming electricity supplies up to 100A

Low cost wireless metering, energy and comfort control system for small offices, retail, cafes and restaurants with remote corporate control, measurement and management.

With one call to our bureau, and the press of a button in the App, the property is hooked up to a cloud based platform, from where managers receive energy data, produce bills, look at property conditions, adjust set points and time schedules all in a single app.

If you have any questions about eBMS/Connect and how we help your office, retail or restaurant, just contact us below.

eBMS Connect Mobile iPad

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