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The NiagaraAX Framework® allows NiagaraAX® certified development partners such as Tyrrell Products to build bespoke products from the native framework, targeted at specific applications. Typically using the JACE® hardware platform, appliances can be built such as chiller controls or sequencing, lighting controls, or automated interfaces and solutions. Appliances focus NiagaraAX® towards making engineering and interaction more friendly, whilst the business of setting up drivers and framework specifics is handled automatically by the appliance software. We have a range of appliances available as key elements of our major products such as the Advanced System Interface for Branch Monitoring, eBMS/HVAC™ or the Apollo OpenConnect gateway product and the configuration tool for eBMS/Door Entry™.


Drivers are software modules, which can be loaded onto the integrated framework (such as TridiumAX® or North ObSys) to provide intelligent interfacing to proprietary 3rd party systems. They provide the ability to control, monitor and log elements within a sub-system as well as creating and receiving alarms. Drivers can be downloaded or emailed and installed onto the different platforms and are licensed according to your requirements. We have a range of drivers available for different applications and for different platforms, some of which are featured here.

Trend TCP Driver for NiagaraAX® - Unlock the full potential of your Trend System into the NiagaraAX Framework®

Our comprehensive Trend driver provides full connectivity to every controller in the Trend range through a single TCP connection. Advanced and simple discovery options speeds up the integration of points and schedules. Every point in the system is available to NiagaraAX® and the licensing options allow for an extremely low starting price point. Advanced time schedules overlay NiagaraAX® time schedules onto Trend Zones, without the need for strategy changes or OSS alterations.

• Support for Trend IQ2, IQ3 and IQ4 on TCP Networks
• Trend Alarm Routing to NiagaraAX® Alarm Consoles
• Single Driver for JACE® and Web Supervisor
• Fast discovery option reduces engineering time

Consider our eBMS/Mobile™ for Android as a more powerful and lower cost solution than the native Trend IQView display.

OEM Development

We offer a full service for Original Equipment Manufacturers to design, develop and deliver drivers and appliances. If you have an application to consider, get in touch with our team today.

CMIS Timetable BMS Time Control Appliance - Manage BMS time zones on schools and universities from the academic timetable

With tight integration and intelligent occupancy mapping algorithms, our Timetable BMS Occupancy Controller provides full control overlay of BMS time zones based on real usage profiles set by Academic administration for classrooms, lecture halls and offices. Following the straight forward configuration, the software compiles the most energy efficient start / stop periods for your BMS systems and downloads them every day of the week. Rooms sitting empty with heating and air conditioning enabled will be a thing of the past.

Apollo OpenConnect Fire System Driver - For Apollo based fire alarm systems

Apollo manufacture over 5 million fire detectors, modules and notification devices per year and sell into 100 countries through over 100 suppliers and fire system manufacturers. OpenConnect is Apollo’s multi-layer integration protocol for addressable fire systems. The OpenConnect driver allows the JACE® or Web Supervisors full access to the compliant fire alarm system for control, monitoring, interfacing and alarm handling. You can also configure outputs to BACnet, Modbus® or LON points, as normal, within the AX framework®.

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