New features in CrossTalk3.1

Following the announcement from Microsoft earlier this year regarding the end of life for Windows7, we regret to inform you that the CrossTalk 1/2 and eBMS3 Fire Monitoring and Reporting Solutions will also be phased out and marked end of life on 1st January 2020. The good news is that we have a more powerful and secure replacement for these systems with the release of CrossTalk3.1.

CrossTalk3.1 new features:

  • Dedicated web client with custom fire controls for alarms, graphics and action messages
  • HTML5 web based graphical user interface which scales to run perfectly on PC’s, tablets and phones
  • No software licensing dongle so you can run CrossTalk3.1 from a PC, server or within any virtual environment
  • Web based active assignment table so you can see at a glance, loop by loop, all the activations and manage and control isolations, giving full visibility without the need for the creation of graphics
  • User focussed web based information editing, removing the need for expensive off-site engineering of action messages and device information, saving you time and money
  • Support for over 20 different fire alarm panel and system manufactures so you don’t get locked in
  • Secure, certificate based encrypted communications for login and control
  • Extensive audit trail to provide compliance and easy investigations following real activations
  • Full integration to other building systems for alarms and graphics, such as BMS, CCTV security and so on

If you do require an upgrade, we have built an import tool so that we can bring in your existing graphics within a matter of days, no matter the size of the site, giving you the chance to revise those graphics according to your time and budget without missing out on the upgrade and other features and benefits.

Extra discount for existing customers

If you are an existing customer, if you place an order for the upgrade before the end of 2019, we will be offering a significant discount to the software, which is calculated based on the size of your installation. The upgrade can then be scheduled to suit your requirements and if it is scheduled for January 202, we will offer continued support for your existing system until the upgrade can take place.

To find out how we can help you upgrade, click here.

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