CrossTalk Fire Alarm Reporting System

CrossTalk Fire Alarm
Crosstalk Fire Alarm

CrossTalk is a PC based graphics interface that works with different makes and types of fire detection and alarm systems allowing real time control in today’s demanding Integrated Buildings.

CrossTalk will monitor, display and command remote systems providing a common user interface interacting freely with the remote sub systems.

Graphical map pages intuitively guide the user from the home overview page down to the individual device level using colour co-ordinated area highlights. Dynamic icons located on the lowest level page indicate to the user the device type and location including a tool tip text descriptor.

The interrogate facility allows the operator to control individual sector panels and remote outstations to initiate basic commands such as silence alarms, panel reset and evacuate. Additional commands can be sent to the remote panels, (subject to panel manufacturers protocol) to permit the isolation of detectors, read device analogue values and operate outputs.

A powerful historical event log with search facility provides instant reports by date and time as well as by event type, building or zone location, operator and device number.

No two projects are ever the same which makes CrossTalk the ideal solution to today’s sophisticated buildings and site wide alarm systems. An extensive library of software modules and plug-ins has been developed to compliment the application and site specific requirements

Crosstalk is capable of being applied to many applications and has been successfully installed in industrial and commercial complexes throughout the world.

CrossTalk is great for a number of different applications such as:

• University Campus
• Hospitals
• Military Bases
• Airports
• Pharmaceutical
• Hotels

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