Communicator LT2 controller

Cost effective convergence of building services and IT

Whether your need is for peer to peer high level networking for integrated systems, or to link remote sites onto existing IT networks for centralised management and enterprise applications, Communicator LT2 is the solution for you. With drivers available for over 260 different building systems, Communicator LT2 can integrate with a wide variety of third party sub systems. These include building management systems (BMS), fire systems, chillers, PDU monitoring, security & access systems and other building control & monitoring equipment. The LT2 connects using its 2 x RS232 ports (RS485 with additional hardware) and IP based device ports making integration to new and older legacy systems possible. The LT2 supports a range of IP protocols such as SMTP, Telnet, HTML, BACnet and ModbusTCP.

Features and benefits of the Communicator LT2:

• Established solution for over 15 years

• Multiple drivers per unit included

• Modbus Slave for up to 62 devices

• Unrivalled support for fire alarms

• On-board process control logic engine

• No limit on driver points on RS232 ports

• A fire approved battery backup unit is also available for the Communicator LT2 with switchable 12V or 24V DC power supply. This is also good for a JACE.

communicator lt2 bms
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