BMS Controls Peripherals: Accessories

  • Measures all modern refrigerants
  • Measures leaks and spills
  • Voltage output
  • Cost effective

The BAPI Refrigerant Leak Detector measures the amount of R404A, R410A, R22 and/or R123A present. The Leak Detector measures leaks and splits; it is not intended for critical ppm measurements. Voltage trip levels for R22, R404A, R410A or R134 leaks and spills are shown in the tablet. The sensor is temperature compensated for an accurate and reliable measurement.

BAPI’s Sealant Filled Connectors (SFC) contain a moisture-excluding sealant which encapsulates the electrical connection protecting it from moisture and oxidation. This encapsulation also reduces the potential for fire, electrocution and flashover.

It accepts two wires of 19 to 26 AWG. It has a voltage rating of 50 volts with an operating temperature of -40 to 140°C, and it is compliant to RoHS 2011/65/EU.

  • Detection within 5 seconds with local LED alarm indication
  • 5 amp or 0.5 amp relays @ 30VAC/DC
  • One piece, rope or remote sensor design

The Water Leak Detector is designed to sense the presence of water and alert a central monitoring system of the potentially destructive situation. Upon water detection, the alarm relays change state, and a local red LED illuminates. The transmitter can be set for latching or non-latching alarm, and normally energised or normally de-energised operation.

*Different variations available, click below to view the range.

  • Improves accuracy by blocking solar heat gain
  • Simple and sturdy mounting method
  • UV-stabilised plastic prevents yellowing

External temperature, humidity and air quality sensors can be affected by solar hear gain. The BAPI Weather Shade effectively blocks the solar heat gain, improving the accuracy of the sensor.

The Weather Shade is constructed of UV-stabilised plastic to prevent yellowing. The material also has a high reflectivity rating (87%) and low emissivity rating (0.90) to minimise the radiant heat created from solar gain. Besides blocking solar heat gain, the shade also protects the probe filter from precipitation and grit, extending the life of the filter.