Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

Monitor your air quality to improve health and efficiency

Improving air quality is not just about knowing what different compounds are in the air you or your employees breathe in and out. Using a powerful and accurate air quality monitoring solution allows the building owner, manager or anyone managing people in a building to improve their efficiency, protect their health and even create a more sustainable and eco friendly office.

Measure VOC’s

Understand when Volatile Organic Compounds are present and become a potential threat, meaning you can combat them and not risk yours or your employee’s health.

Improve efficiency

Low oxygen is one of the main causes for employees feeling drowsy. Monitoring your oxygen flow allows you to keep your employees alert and concentrated for longer.

Protect health

If VOC’s do get into your environment, you want to be alerted right away. With this solution you can keep up to date with the environment and protect against any unwanted compounds.

Environmental benefits

Controlling your air quality might well mean opening a window and not using the air circulation in the office, saving money, saving energy and ultimately, saving the environment.

CO2 and TVOC Sensor copy

Improving the air quality in different environments can have a wide range of benefits to a whole host of different types of occupants. Everyone from customers to employees benefits from an accurate air monitoring system. 

Monitoring air quality within an office can quickly improve efficiency and therefore, improve profit from a business. If employees become tired in the afternoon, this can simply be because a lack of oxygen within the air. Monitoring the air quality means you can monitor low oxygen levels and then optimise the environment to allow more oxygen to flow, helping employees stay alert, switched on, working more efficiently and even keeping them happier.

Air monitoring means you can also measure for volatile compounds within the air. This can be vital to keeping a workforce safe when dealing with potentially harmful gases. If a VOC is measured, an alert can be sounded instantly for working to vacate the environment before the VOC is removed. 


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