Boost your productivity with Active-Pro

Time management is a key to succeed an integration project. Active-Pro provides tools to save you important time on creation and modifications.

Create From Excel

Create from Excel

Import / export to create and modify devices, points and extensions.

Repeat tasks

Repeat tasks

Record modifications once and play them back to all the station.

Create Utilities

Create utilities

Go beyond and create workflow to configure and auto-tag.


Use Excel superpower

Excel is awesome when dealing with devices, points and schedules. You can create anything, change parameters, add tags, relations and extensions. 

Use Excel superpower

Temple Oriented

Temple oriented

Transform anything into models and reference it in Excel to create instances.

Dynamic Structure

Dynamic structure

Organise sheets according to your needs by driver and device.

Export From Scratch

Export from scratch

No need to prepare anything. Start exporting an existing station.

Work Both Ways

Work both ways

Import, change, export, change, import… Make modification seamlessly on Excel and the station.

Short Syntaxes

Short syntaxes

Use super easy declarations like network/device. The system knows what to create.

Tags And Relations

Tags & Relations

Use it to apply tags and relations in a super easy way by using references in Excel.

Repeat tasks easily be recording them once and play them back

Macros are super powerful. Right-click anywhere and start recording your modifications or creation: change a logic, update a configuration, etc. Then select all the elements you want to apply the same modifications and click play!

Create Utilities


Create utilities to configure

Create your own utilities to configure equipments, points, etc. You can reuse them on your stations.


Create auto-tagging rules

Use workflows to create auto-tagging rules based on the name, the type, the units, the parents, whether they are extensions, etc.


All happens in the Tridium Workplace

No need to install anything on your stations

Tridium Workplace
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