The most efficient toolset for Niagara to improve

User experience | Connectivity | Productivity

Fully integrated to Niagara

Keep your habits, we have just enriched the experience inside.

Simple, Powerful, Generic

Yes it’s possible. What’s the question? Never get stuck on a situation.

Example oriented

Never start from scratch. Build on the many examples provided.


Boost your productivity

Time management is a key to succeed an integration project. Use excel superpower and a task recorder/player to save you important time on creation and modifications.

Better User Experience


Create a better user experience

Design matters when creating applications no matter the integration behind it. Active-Framework offers a complete new experience to build efficient interfaces quickly.


Exchange data with 3rd party applications

Seamlessly integrate data from Niagara with 3rd party Rest API, Cloud platforms or databses.

Active Framework Integration


Create reusable applications

Replace manual integration by pre-configured applications base on models and powered by workflows to be deployed very easily