Niagara 4.8

Tridium is pleased to announce the general availability of Niagara Framework® 4.8. This release incorporates important new features and functionality to support Niagara users. Users will now be able to:

  • distribute more control and management tasks to intelligent edge devices
  • Deploy Niagara-native and 3rd party drivers and analytics tools to glean more insight from operational data
  • Multiply the number of IP-connected devices to collect and analyse operational data at finger granularity, in greater volumes and across longer periods
  • Work with IT departments toward multi-layered cyber defense

We hope you will upgrade to take advantage of all that is built into Niagara 4.8 as detailed below. Included in this launch package are also details about the latest release of Niagara Enterprise Security, a new addition to our portfolio of video drivers, and a new BACnet certification – just a few of the additional ways that Niagara is advancing to keep pace with your needs.

New in Niagara 4.8

  • ACE deterministic engine for Niagara Edge 10 – New control engine for Edge 10 that enables fast startup to control time and deterministic timing when servicing IO, enabling enhanced operations, analytics and optimisation in new building applications
  • Security dashboard – Quickly asses the security posture of your Niagara network with an easy-to-read and actionable dashboard
  • Client certificate authentication – Facilities kiosk-style interfaces using a dedicated pre-configured browser client
  • 802.1x support – More IT administrators are demanding that building devices be network compliant. JACE 8000 and Niagara Edge 10 are now compliant with IEEE standard for network authentication
  • 3rd party module signing – When utilising the vast number of community-written Niagara extensions/modules, module signing improves the security posture of Niagara installations by making administrators aware of modules that may have been tampered with or introduced by untrustworthy sources
  • Export refresh – Have you created an insightful chart in Niagara? You can now easily share it from your browser using the improved historical data exporting functionality
  • JACE 8000 operating system refresh – Keep your system current by applying the latest updates. This release includes updates to JACE 8000 to run the latest QNX release, as well as a new JVM to ensure future compatibility with new features and to continue ongoing support.
  • Analytics data filter – Data sets can be messy. Sometimes they have gaps, bad values etc. Now, the Niagara Analytics engine is smarter and can exclude bad data sets based on the data being tagged as a faulty, overridden in alarm state, etc.

How to get started

  1. Learn more about Niagara 4.8 by downloading the features overview, release notes, and the Niagara 4.8 Supervisor data sheet.
  2. Get familiar with the breaking changes
  3. Learn about some of the new features of 4.8 with our free Niagara 4.8 training courses on Tridium University
  4. Review new Niagara 4.8 documentation
  5. Review a new article  Things to Know Before Upgrading to Niagara 4.8 now available in the Niagara Community Knowledge Base.
  6. New license features were added for ACE, 802.1X and for the Security Dashboard. When deploying Niagara 4.8, Tridium recommends refreshing your license to pick up the new features added to the Niagara 4 Supervisor, JACE-8000, and Edge 10 parts.
  7. Plan to join our Niagara 4 experts for a series of informative TridiumTalks to be announced in the coming weeks.

Announcing Niagara Enterprise Security 4.8

Niagara Enterprise Security 4.8 provides support for our legacy security customers. This release introduces station migrators for Niagara AX Security Supervisors and JACEs. Security JACE 6xx running Niagara Enterprise Security version 2.3 U2 / Niagara AX 3.8 U4 connection to the Enterprise Security Supervisor version 4.8 is also supported with this release. Version upgrades are available with purchase of a software maintenance agreement, or a currently active software maintenance agreement.

Niagara Security JACE 6xx models are now scheduled for End-of-Life (EOL) July 1, 2021. This is consistent with Niagara EX EOL date for all Niagara AX Tridium products.

The following collateral for Niagara Enterprise Security 4.8 is now available:

New Maxpro video driver

Tridium has expanded its portfolio of video drivers with the release of the new Honeywell Maxpro video driver for Niagara. Whether you use video surveillance to enhance security or to monitor conditions in and around your facility, video integration with Niagara provides a unified user interface. Get more information here.

One more thing: New AWS certification

In the catagory of BACnet certifications, there is now a single Niagara Framework version – 4.4u3 ( – that is certified as both B-BC and B-AWS. See the listing here. As we’ve previously reported, version 4.7u1 has its B-BC (and AS-B) certification. Tridium is in the process of applying for B-AWS certification for this version. We are also working to list 4.7u1 running on Edge-10 as a certified package.

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