eBMS/HVAC Training



This is a two day course designed to offer a basic introduction to the rapid deployment of HVAC systems.

eBMS/HVAC basic engineering training enables you to create complete HVAC controls, documentation, alarms, logs, schedules and automated graphics for heating and cooling plant as well as Air Handling Units.

Learn the use of the range of HVAC I/O modules, learning the full range of modules, the Modbus registers, how to connect them on RS485 or TCPIP and also how to unlock in-built features such as plant and lighting controls. Create complete Integrated HVAC control systems around 4 x faster than you would with traditional BMS systems. You are given the know-how to create custom graphic components and control elements using the full power of the Niagara AX framework to complement eBMS/HVAC.

Target Audience:


This course is designed specifically for candidates who are Niagara AX certified and have a good knowledge of HVAC systems.



We offer regular training courses in both Manchester UK and Dubai UAE.

In addition we also offer customised training if you have specific requirements in a certain location / region.

Training Dates:


This course is ran on request, please contact us for further details.